TSM Blog Post 7

Blazing Brand Exposure: The NFL Combine

The NFL Combine is an annual one-week event where the top 350 (or so) NFL Draft prospects of that given year make their way to Indianapolis to perform several physical...

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TSM Blog Post 6

Business Behind the Madness

March is here, and to TSM, that means one thing...March Madness. Some conference tournaments have already tipped-off, set to provide us with this year’s “Cinderella Story” contenders, and the rest of...

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TSM Blog Post 5

Endorsement Values

Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Kobe Bryant, Adrian Peterson. All superstar athletes, and all considered by many to be the best in their sport at some point during their career.

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TSM Blog Post 4

2017 Super Bowl Commercials at a Glance

Arguably, the only thing on television more highly anticipated than the Super Bowl is the commercials that run during it.

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TSM Blog Post 3 Brand Loyalty Brand Recognition

Brand Loyalty & Brand Recognition: Keep Them Coming Back for More

As a company works to build their brand, they are constantly trying to figure out how to build a bigger following to achieve more brand recognition and brand loyalty.

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TSM Blog Post 2 Social Media Endorsements

Social Media Endorsements: The Big Picture

Social media has become a terrific tool to help companies market their product, share their message, and build their brand.

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TSM blogpost

Introducing, Trainor Sports Marketing

Introducing, Trainor Sports Marketing. We are a sports brand management company that specializes in helping both companies and athletes enhance and grow their brands.

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