Social Media Endorsements: The Big Picture

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Social media has become a terrific tool to help companies market their product, share their message, and build their brand. Social media has also provided athletes with an opportunity to endorse products, and in doing so, tell their story and build their own brand. With this in mind, companies are using athletes as brand ambassadors and product endorsers, taking to their social media accounts to get a message in front of thousands to millions of unique potential consumers. It can be that easy. However, if you are an athlete, be sure to take a deeper look at things. Look past the convenience, the potential free product, and the potential cash that is right in front of you. Look at the bigger picture and the greater opportunity to build strategic relationships with companies that will really benefit you and help you build your brand. Be sure to consider what message you are really conveying.

Take a look at the big picture. Some things to consider while growing your brand as an athlete:

1. Tell your story
Endorse products that help your fanbase understand who you are off the field/court. Use endorsements to tell your story: who you are, what you love to do, how you got to where you are today. This will make you relatable to your fans and give them a better understanding of the person behind the number on your jersey. If you love to cook and grill, endorse a barbeque sauce that you love. If you are constantly fishing in the off-season, endorse a hat company that makes fisherman hats. Give your fans an inside look.

2. Don’t lose site of your values
If you are vegetarian, don’t endorse beef jerky. Stay true to who you are and work with companies that you are proud to be affiliated with.

3. Endorse products you believe in
Try the product and make sure it is something you are genuinely passionate about. If a breakfast bar company wants you to endorse their product and you think the bar tastes disgusting, you cringe every time you eat it, and you don’t care about the nutritional benefits it contains, don’t endorse it.

It is ok to be selective and find a great fit. There are plenty of opportunities out there. Make sure you are choosing ones that help enhance your brand, tell your story, and stay true to who you are as a person.

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