Introducing TSM Client: Above Royalty Clothing


It feels great to look great. Style and a statement, that is what Above Royalty Clothing is all about.

The newest TSM client helps you express yourself with the clothes you wear. From beanies and hats, to t-shirts and sweatshirts, Above Royalty provides Menswear with a personality.

The clothing speaks for itself, but now there will be even more voices speaking on behalf of Above Royalty Clothing. TSM will be working with Above Royalty on a new Athlete Ambassador Program, lining up Professional Athletes to endorse the brand. Above Royalty has a great product, but as a young company they are still working to enhance brand awareness and loyalty. Utilizing the already established brands of Professional Athletes will help accomplish this.

Visit to check out the apparel, follow them on Instagram (@aboveroyaltyclothing) to see which athletes are on board, and what promo codes you can use to get 10% off your Above Royalty purchase! If you are a Professional Athlete interested in becoming an Ambassador for Above Royalty, click here to sign up today!


Think your brand could benefit from Professional Athlete endorsements? Contact TSM today to learn more about our Athlete Ambassador Programs.

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