Brand Loyalty & Brand Recognition: Keep Them Coming Back for More

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As a company works to build their brand, they are constantly trying to figure out how to build a bigger following to achieve more brand recognition and brand loyalty. There are many creative ways to keep potential consumers coming back for more BEFORE they even try your product! Get people excited about your brand through your marketing. Keep them loyal to your brand, and they will most assuredly become loyal to your product.

Web Videos

  • Produce clever and compelling videos featuring your brand and share them on your website and across your social media platforms.
    - Get athletes to star in these videos showcasing your product
    - Create a series of short videos, keeping consumers excited to see what’s next

Social Media Sweepstakes/Contests

  • Come up with contests that require fans to interact with and follow your social media accounts for the chance to win.
    - Base them around major sporting events
    - Get athletes involved when appropriate


  • Host events during big sporting events or host an annual event.
    - Get your target audience out in their city rallying around the local team and your brand
    - Keep them excited to come back next year

These are just a few creative ways you can build a loyal following and increase your brand recognition. Keep it fun, keep it creative, and potential consumers will keep coming back to see more.

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