Super Celebrities

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2019 was the year of the Celebrity during Super Bowl 53 commercials.

Every time you looked up from the chip bowl, there was a new actor, singer, or athlete staring right at you, endorsing some product. These brands spend millions of dollars just to air a commercial during the Super Bowl. Now, add in a celebrity smile and wink while holding the product on top of that. Each commercial is strategically and tactically planned by these companies, picking specific names/faces/reputations (brands) to have millions of viewers see their brand tied to.

Here are some of the most talked about commercials that featured an athlete, actor, singer, and a bonus combo!

Bumble - Serena Williams

Hyundai - Jason Bateman (over 30 million views in one week)

Bubly - Michael Bublé

Pepsi - Steve Carrell - Lil Jon - Cardi B

These companies have officially tied their brands to these celebrities, looking for the audience to react and feel some type of way about their product. Will they see a benefit? Well, so far they've got millions of people buzzing about their brand by the water cooler this week. That’s a solid start.

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